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Fresh Start Expungement and Pardon Clinic, LLC provide service in all counties in Oklahoma with measurable success.  We pride ourselves on a deep tradition of excellence, ensuring only the highest quality service. We understand the challenges and pressure that comes with every case and are here for you, every step of the way.  Our mission is to clear your criminal backgrounds and help you obtain a promising future.


Dependable, calm, and well spoken, our team of legal professionals add the personal touch our clients deserve whilst approaching each new case with the attention it needs. Get in touch with us today.



Helping you achieve a FRESH START in life by erasing your past and saying hello to your future. We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. Learn more about what we offer.



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Exceptional Service

Here at FRESH START we provide each and every client with personable service from start to finish for their Expungement, Pardon, and Notary Service needs. 


  • 18/19 Complete expungement & sealing of records

  • 991c Partial expungement (Plead Not Guilty Case Dismissed)

  • 60.18 Victim's Protective Order (VPO) expungement

  • Felony, Misdemeanor, Suspended, Deferred      

Governors Pardon Services

   • Restore your civil rights      • You cannot open carry a firearm without a pardon.   • If you’ve received a felony suspended sentence or have been incarcerated you must have a pardon completed before having your criminal record expunged.

Notary Services

Acknowledgement Notarization, Adoption Document Notarization, Affidavit Notarization, Apostle Services, Business Document Notarization, Copy Certification, Deed Notarization, Mobile Notary Services, Passport Application Notarization, Real Estate Document Notarization, Signature Witnessing, Trust Notarization, Vehicle Title Transfer Notarization, Will Notarization, Health Directive Notarization



Tired of being held back by your past?  You've done your time now let's complete the process to a FRESH START by erasing your criminal record. Receive help erasing your past from people who have been where you are and can personally understand the frustrations that come along with life after a brush in with the law.


* Fill out that employment application without having to check the box for felony and misdemeanor convictions. 


* Live where you choose and not where your forced because landlords refuse to forgive your past. 


* Restore your civil rights and regain your  privilege of the right to bear arms. 


Say YES to New Beginnings!

Utilizing our services, rest assured you can feel comfortable, safe, and confident knowing that your case is in the best hands. Get in touch with us today — we look forward to hearing from you.


Experienced Legal Support

Here at Fresh Start Expungement and Pardon Clinic, LLC we understand the position you might be in now financially and respect the direction your headed. Therefore, our prices are tailored in consideration of where you might be now financially.  Most attorneys will charge $1500 for an expungement (per county) and as high as $4000 for a pardon.  We help you keep some money in your pocket for other needs while preparing for a brighter future that's why our fees are substantially lower where expungements are completed for $1000 (per county) and pardons for $1500. 
So what are you waiting for give us a call today to begin the process!



Fresh Start Expungement and Pardon Clinic understood my urgency to clear my past and experience a fresh start in life.  I am grateful for the help they provided me and now I can fill out employment applications with confidence in getting the job. 

​        Stacey Wade, Oklahoma City

The process was completed in the timeframe expressed.  Would recommend this company to anyone needing expungement and pardon services.                 

Tracie McMillian, Tulsa

I now have the legal right to check no for felonies on my job applications.

​            Robert Henshaw, Oklahoma City

Personable and friendly people which made it comforting doing business with experienced professionals.

​              Daniel Smith, Cleveland County



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